Sunday, August 21, 2016

Lypo-Ooze a nanotech nightmare!

Today I got to loose my Lypo-Ooze on the party.
I read it in passing over at Headinjurytheatre, and it stuck. I think it may be from 6th ed Gamma World.

pics from GammaWorld 6th ed.

Oozes, like skeletons are a d&d trope that are under analysed, problematic and quite boring usually. (actually, find Patrick Stuart's ooze powered interface in the Deep Carbon Observatory...)

Trudging along a leafy suburb of Pitz Burg we see a shopfront displaying a burned and shredded display of hot-bods.

Out of the holes ooze five silvery Oozes, they open with the Allure mutation convincing anyone who fails a hard-INT check that they are generally a good idea to be around.
Mental damage attacks will fail although you can sense a cold ghost of intelligence if not sentience.

They move in suspiciously precise unison (they surrounded my characters and remained exactly evenly spaced, they move too efficiently).
When one unit is dealt a heavy hit they will falter in unison implying their linked stats.

They leave a faint yellow snail-trail and weep murky yellow fluid when concussed. Energy or diffuse attacks provoke a ripple of blue static sparks as nanites die off.

You may notice 'preserved' desiccated bodies around the place, well preserved but shrunken. Around the bodies lie scavenger animals, likewise. They have been leeched of only fat and since dried out.

Inspecting the sign a literate scholar my descipher "Lyp'O'S-" or "New Nan--Tec--Ly--suc---"

While attacking they will pin a character to the ground, but once tasting (ie: any damaging hit) a low-fat character they will lose interest. This includes insectoids, robots, jellies, plants etc.
Lipids are their panacea.

Their weaknesses include electricity and magnetism, solvents and things like washing liquids that dissolve fats.
They can be stabbed, concussed and mental attacks that do other damage types will effect them (ours were killed by sonic blasts.)
They are easily distracted by snacks and may stop attacking a character to chase an easy fat meal like a doughnut or butter.
They may absorb lasers, depending on the parties level.

These guys really messed up my party, they were horrified when their lasers AND mental stabs were ineffective.
They loosed a lot of primitive bullets and did very minor damage before I pulled out the lifeleech which again horrified them and bumped back to full health.
The pin dissuaded escape and flying and their fat-sense meant the healthier low-fat characters could not distract them when the meatsticks were getting dismantled.
They figured out the shared health pool very fast.

I dropped the hot bods, silvery appearance and yellowy substrate and had them take a mid battle int test to drop the "-suction" label on sign as well as having them doggedly chase the meaty characters and hurting them by burrowing in and extracting something from under their skin.
Sound attacks led to a visual display of blue static shimmers trying to convey the electrical nature of the beasts.

I feel like mentioning a caduceus on the store would have helped or Fat/Thin before-and-afters or something.
I miss having a perception stat a bit, GW only has INT and it makes observations and mid-battle clues quite janky.

Once they realised Doritos were distracting and clicked on the "-suction" thing they saw they were robots and shut them down almost instantly with .
No-one on that night had standard magnetic, electrical or solvent attacks so they didn't find the critical weaknesses.

There were questions about the multiplicity aspect- lifeleech hit them all but leeched it back to themselves, so that worked out ok as a tactic.
HOWEVER enemy Area-of-effect damage is five-troupled (?) if you can hit, making 100hp a minor effort.
Luckily the laser and mental defense forced them to use primitive weapons, and the share-a-space engulf attacks sheltered them from AOE pretty well.

I statted it out as Horl Choo plants, adding the machine weaknesses, pin attack and group health of 100hp.
Mutations were Lifeleech and Dissolving juices (did not use..). Normal attacks were a minor 1d6.
They definitely had the party of four on the ropes although they were a little battered from a Zeethh and Obb encounter.

Creepy real articles!

EDIT: I found the origin in 6th ed.

SLEMBAITH: The aforementioned Nano-Ooze. It references one of my favorite tropes that in less affluent times fat was awesome and a sign of wealth and leisure and that a Gamma resident would be horrified by the measures used to slim down in ancient times.
In this book it is a 5000 pound bohemoth that eats entire towns (the blob..) and was created as a slimming nano treatment before it was corrupted.
Attacks, if survived leave massive bruising and gauntness that takes weeks to heal (temporary con points lost)


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